Is there any Relay state concept in Okta OIDC similar like SAML integration

SAML integration with okta uses relay state concept to redirect the user to the specific url specified in relay state parameters

How to achieve same thing in Okta OIDC with Spring boot and React js.
In Okta documentation, I don’t see any similar type of concept(relay state) in Okta OIDC integration

It has been 30 days ,but not got any response from Okta support team.
Can anyone from Okta team provide input on this?

OIDC doesn’t have the concept of a Relay State, You could look into using the state parameter to store that sort of information

Yes the state parameter is the recommended approach by the OIDC protocol. This is not something that is clearly discussed it would be nice if OKTA could provide a blog post on this. Basically when the redirect is done to the Authorization server the value that is stored in the state can have a reference pointer to some endpoint on your server side. On the trip back to your callback you can validate the state and redirect the user to the appropriate endpoint once they are authenticated.

@andrea Can you please tell any api’s which return same state parameter in response when user redirect to application after in okta hosted login/password setup .

I don’t understand your follow up. The state parameter is returned back to an OIDC application, via the provided redirect_uri, after said application redirects to Okta for the /authorize request.

You might want to check out our docs about OIDC and the /authorize endpoint, as well as the different types of flows (step by steps for each flow found here), to understand OIDC better and where the state parameter comes into play