Issue with fetching the access_token

I am able to do the Primary Authentication, were is “status”: “MFA_REQUIRED”,
So next I tried to use the state token and get to the stage were the status changed to “status”: “MFA_CHALLENGE”,

    "status": "MFA_CHALLENGE",
    "factorResult": "CHALLENGE",
    "challengeType": "FACTOR",

I have been using

        "factor": {
            "factorType": "token:software:totp",
            "provider": "GOOGLE",
            "vendorName": "GOOGLE",

I am blocked after this step as I need to use google vendor, Cant go ahead I am trying it both via Postman/programmatically wise[Python].

Please have look, any help is welcomed, Thanks

@erik I am integrating, so need to automate this process.