Issue with improperly displayed enrollChoices screen

We are integrating with Okta (widget version 2.13.0)and prepare for a full release in two weeks. One thing our QA found is that we are seeing the enroll screen displaying for certain accounts, however, QA cannot reproduce it reliably, but they shared the screenshot to prove.

By checking the Okta source code, I am confused with when and under which condition this enrollment code will be called.

enrollChoices: function () {
this.render(EnrollChoicesController, { Beacon: SecurityBeacon });

According to loginRouter.js, the route for that function is defined as

‘signin/enroll’: ‘enrollChoices’

In RouteUtil.js, the route will be triggered when “MFA_ENROLL” is returned in response.status code:

fn.handleResponseStatus = function (router, res) {
switch (res.status) {
case ‘SUCCESS’:
case ‘MFA_ENROLL’:
router.navigate(‘signin/enroll’, { trigger: true });

Is this behavior decided by a particular config in user setting, okta server configuration, okta widget configuration, or a combination of those factors, I have a hard time to hit a breakpoint in the generated javascript file.

Here is what our settings for the widget:

        registration: false,
        rememberMe: false,
        multiOptionalFactorEnroll: false,
        selfServiceUnlock: true,
        smsRecovery: true,
        router: false,
        hideSignOutLinkInMFA: true

Thanks for any assistance on this issue. Here is a screenshot for the issue, to be clear, we do NOT want our user to see this screen as they already have one factor enrolled.