Issue with .Net Token API

I have an Okta integration into an existing .Net application. I am able to get authorization code but when I try to get the token I am getting a 400 error (The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. ). I am not sure what the issue is. two questions:

  1. Does Okta has a log so I can log at what is the exact error
  2. Below is the request details from the debugger. I suspect the error maybe with the credentials and how it is being passed. Can anybody shed some light on this? I have been banging my head for a couple of days now. Here is the code and debug snapshot.
    Here is the code:


Hey, sorry for the delay.

I took a peek in our logs and I’ve seeing that we’re returning a 400 here because the Client ID id missing from the request.

How are you authorizing the /token request: are you including (base64 encoded) ClientID:Client Secret in the Authorization header OR are you providing the credentials in the request body?