Just In Time Migration Strategy and OKTA Widget

Hi Guys we are trying to implement a custom Just in Time user migration to OKTA and we want to evaluate if we can use Widgets. I’m not sure if we can get the password without encryption from the widget in some point of the autentication process

@ClaudioValdes Can I ask if you can add more details on your end goal? What do you mean get password without encryption during authentication.

Hi Lijia

We have two different customer credential data sources and I’m evaluating some strategy to migrate it to OKTA. In the first one I have password encrypted with DES and two key words y the second case I have a Hash, the idea is keep the password improving the encrypyion model without customer distubing. I was reading about strategies to make bulk import or use the OKTA hashed Passowrds (Okta Users API migration), but I’m not sure if I can use it to accelerate the password migration strategy