JwtAuthenticationToken cannot be cast to OAuth2AuthenticationToken

I’m trying to follow this example to pass the access token from an Angular client to proxied routes from the zuul api gateway. However, in my AuthorizationHeaderFilter class:

public class AuthorizationHeaderFilter extends ZuulFilter {
    private final OAuth2AuthorizedClientService authClientService;

    public AuthorizationHeaderFilter(OAuth2AuthorizedClientService authClientService) {
	this.authClientService = authClientService;

    public boolean shouldFilter() {
	return true;

    public Object run() throws ZuulException {
	RequestContext requestContext = RequestContext.getCurrentContext();
	Optional<String> authorizationHeader = getAuthorizationHeader();
	authorizationHeader.ifPresent(s -> requestContext.addZuulRequestHeader("Authorization", s));
	return null;

    private Optional<String> getAuthorizationHeader() {
	Authentication authentication = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication();
	OAuth2AuthenticationToken authToken = (OAuth2AuthenticationToken) authentication;	
	OAuth2AuthorizedClient authClient = authClientService.loadAuthorizedClient(
	OAuth2AccessToken authAccessToken = authClient.getAccessToken();
	if(authAccessToken == null) {
		return Optional.empty();
	} else {
		String tokenType = authAccessToken.getTokenType().getValue();
		String authorizationHeaderValue = String.format("%s %s", tokenType, authAccessToken.getTokenValue());
		return Optional.of(authorizationHeaderValue);

    public String filterType() {
	return PRE_TYPE;

    public int filterOrder() {
	return Ordered.LOWEST_PRECEDENCE;

the SecurityContextHolder seems to be returning a JwtAuthenticationToken object instead of the expected OAuth2AuthenticationToken object as I’m getting the following exception:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException:
cannot be cast to

How can I use the JwtAuthenticationToken along with the OAuth2AuthorizedClientService to get the access token?

You should be able get the attributes from either token type using logic like the following:

Authentication authToken = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication();
Map<String, Object> attributes;
if (authToken instanceof OAuth2AuthenticationToken) {
    attributes = ((OAuth2AuthenticationToken) authToken).getPrincipal().getAttributes();
} else if (authToken instanceof JwtAuthenticationToken) {
    attributes = ((JwtAuthenticationToken) authToken).getTokenAttributes();

Thank you very much!

I’m curious about this.

Under which circumstances is an OAuth2AuthenticationToken provided, and under which is it JwtAuthenticationToken?

In other words, what determines which type of token the Authentication object is?

If you use oauth2Login(), the result will be a OAuth2AuthenticationToken. If you use resourceServer() for Spring Security, it will be a JwtAuthenticationToken.