Last login activity of an App

Need help with fetching last login time of users for Applications associated with OKTA via oauth api.

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system log API cam be used and you can filter based on event (SSO complete), target (application), actor (user)

Thanks for your response.
I have one more query. Do we have API to fetch users specific to applications? and also role to the particular application?

There’s this call that will list the users assigned to an application and this one that will list the assigned groups (if you use that for the roles)

Can you help me with passing multiple scopes while authorizing okta?
It;ll be helpful with an example uri

Only these scopes are available to create under a authorization server?
What scopes should i add in newly authorization server to fetch users, apps and system logs?

I responded to your other thread: Scope issue when authorizing Oauth - #2 by andrea

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