Late Submission

Failed to submit on time my app through because it required youtube video…(
Here is the link to my app
Disabled 2FA and confirmation of email for faster access.

Heroku sometimes breaks, here is sample video 14.09.2021_23.50.20_REC

github repo:

Sorry to hear that, I know it can be very disappointing to pass the deadline (I also failed to submit in time)!

I was really looking forward to showing all the Okta products I incorporated, too. At first, it was just an attempt to use more than login/registration… but after a slippery slope, the majority of my entire project is built with Okta features :grin:

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Did you use the hooks(e.g Inline hooks)?

Actually used Workforce Identity features mostly, with provisioning/lifecycle management, Advanced Server Access, and a lot of API integrations in Workflows custom cards. It was great to play with for business/enterprise use cases.