Limit parameter has no effect on results for okta-sdk-dotnet

I’m trying to use the okta-sdk-dotnet to get users in a group using the ListGroupUsers method.

In the example I see this line of code:
List result = apiInstance.ListGroupUsers(groupId, after, limit).ToListAsync();

In my particular case I want 10 users per page
List result = apiInstance.ListGroupUsers(groupId, null, 10).ToListAsync();

However the result contains all of the users regardless of what value I put for the limit.

The limit is to specify how many items to return per page, but the ListGroupUsers (and all similar list functions) are designed to handle pagination and will make the requisite number of requests to get all of these group users.

Check out the docs here if you’d rather do manual pagination: GitHub - okta/okta-sdk-dotnet: A new repository.