List all policies using org.openapitools.client.api.PolicyApi

Hi, I am trying to use the following code to list all MFA_ENROLL policies,
final List mfaEnrollmentPolicies = policyApi.listPolicies(“MFA_ENROLL”, “ACTIVE”, null);
So far I am able to get back a list of policies, but with limited details. I am wondering is I should have something in the 3rd parameter above. In the documentation, it is called “expand” and it is optional. No allowed values are documented. Can anybody tell me what I should put in it to get policy’s groups and rules?

it’s rules what you can get with the third parameter. But what data is missing, which you are looking for? Worst case scenario for all policies you’d need to call GET to get the full list of attributes

Thanks for your response. I am looking for the groups each policy is assigned to and what authenticators (MFA factors) are allowed by the policy.

So is conditions field visible inside a policy?

No. I can only get the following fields:

how about the one above? This one you are looking at is the Default one, so maybe it’s different a bit

The one above doesn’t have conditions field either. I didn’t show it because it has our company specific information. I hope you understand it.
So you were able to get the conditions field? Are you doing it differently in your code, or do you think it is some configuration that’s causing this?

I don’t do anything different. The only one thing is that my API token is tied to a super admin account. Maybe that’s the difference