List Users Assigned To App returns status active for all users

I currently have a problem with an Okta endpoint. /apps/{{app_id}}/users is supposed to return all the users assigned to a certain app, however, I noticed that all the statuses are ‘Active’. When scooping through Okta’s admin dashboard, some of these users are actually suspended or are set to ‘Staged’. It seems that this endpoint doesn’t take the (correct) status into account. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

This API call to the Apps endpoint doesn’t return Users, it returns Application Users, a distinction that explains why the status found in the Application User doesn’t match the one in the User. Seeing ACTIVE for these users is expected behaviour, provided the user is assigned and confirmed by the application.

There’s more info about what these statuses mean in the Apps documentation.

@andreaskouras Thank you for your response.

Do you have any idea how I can effectively gather the application users with the ‘real’ status that is assigned to them?

To get the actual status of the user you will need to call the users endpoint for each user returned by the app.


Thank you Ryan!

Your suggestion definitely would work, but I’m afraid to hit the rate limit. I guess I have no choice.