Log in redirect URL error when following the build-a-spring-boot-webapp how to blog

I am following this blog post to test out my Sprint Boot Web App. The only difference between the set up of the blog post and my Spring Boot App in my machine is that i am using Maven. The blog post uses Gradle to build and run the application.
My issue is after is start the application, when i get to the home page, i am seeing a redirect URL error in the logs. As soon as i try to access a restricted page i get a error stating redirect fail.
Is there some thing i may be missing or is it due to the fact that i am using Maven ?
Appreciate the feedback

If you copy and paste the URL from your browser into a text editor, you can see the redirect URI that it’s sending to Okta. Add that value to your Okta app, and everything should work.

Thanks for your response , i will give that a try and i appreciate your quick response
Also i would like to add that with new Okta Spring Boot Starter version 0.6.1 i am noticing in the yaml file my IDE Eclipse is complaining that the Okta entries are not being understood.
What i mean is the entries below show a yellow line right below the okta row
Is that something could be causing this issue?

    issuer: https://{yourOktaDomain}/oauth2/default  
    clientId: {yourClientId}  
    clientSecret: {yourClientSecret}
    rolesClaim: groups

do you mean add that URL to my developer settings in Okta admin Web UI ?

So if i am following the tutorial right i need to add the following URL (below) to the login redirect URL

No, just like the image says, you only need to add http://localhost:8080/login.