Logging out from a current session

If I click ‘Log out’ and then ‘Log in’ again, I am not asked for my username & password again and I’m logged straight in.

How can I ensure that the user is fully logged out and will be required to enter username/password when they log in the second time?

Are you using a particular language or framework to develop your app?

Yes, sorry, forgot to mention it.
I am using Flask and Python

If you pass an ID token and an after logout redirect URI to /logout, it should work. You might have to do a redirect on the client side. For example, here’s how I’ve implemented it in Angular - where the /logout endpoint in my app returns an ID token and redirect URI.

this.authServerProvider.logout().subscribe((logout: Logout) => {
  let logoutUrl = logout.logoutUrl;
  const redirectUri = `${location.origin}${this.location.prepareExternalUrl('/')}`;

  logoutUrl = logoutUrl + '?id_token_hint=' + logout.idToken + '&post_logout_redirect_uri=' + redirectUri;
  window.location.href = logoutUrl;

Thank you, but it still not that clear for me…
Do you have an example with Flask maybe?

Thanks a lot!