Login Issue for few users

Hello Team,

I’m using OKTA OIDC Middleware NodeJs for my application. The issue is for few users when they are trying to login they are getting the below error.

{“errorCode”:“invalid_client”,“errorSummary”:“Invalid value for ‘client_id’ parameter.”,“errorLink”:“invalid_client”,“errorId”:“oaelOm9cjrJRmCCH_7VIo-IaA”,“errorCauses”:}.

What are the possibilities of getting this issue.


That error is coming back from Okta when a request is made to the authorization server.

Did you set the client_id in the ExpressOIDC config to the one for the OpenID Connect application you made in Okta for this integration?

Thanks for your response @andrea. I’m already do that. These are the below configurations for OIDC.


Is that error being thrown when the authorize call is made, or is it occurring later, such as during logout?

It is happening at the time of callback from okta. In developer tools i see multiple times the callback is happening and at last it ends up throwing that error.

And it otherwise works for all other users? Does the same behavior occur if you test the application locally?

It is happening with only few users but not with everyone.