Login page should have Username first and then ask for Password in second step


In the Okta apps, there is a feature where Okta can redirect the user to a custom login page to perform the authentication. Is there any way in Okta that can help to achieve this for OIDC apps. The use case is, where Login page should ask first Username only and If the username is exists then go to second step and ask for Password and if password is also valid then redirect back to my application. And the another requirement is If Username is not exists then go to Registration page for signup.

Looking for your help…


You will need to make some API calls to achieve this goal.
Hosting a login portal yourself can be done with okta API calls, the widget makes it easy and it can listen on certain events. You can also override some of it’s behavior with javascript.

You can first show a simple form with just username, with this you should call the Okta users API https://developer.okta.com/docs/reference/api/users/ and see if you get a response with the provided user. If users exists, show password field, if not redirect to your registration page.

Thanks @Ironhide for your quick response.
But I have to integrate OIDC authentication with many applications which are already developed into different-2 technologies. The requirement is to use this single custom login application for all the OIDC applications. Is this possible in Okta?