Looking for some terms for 3rd party login


I work as support in an organisation but I am investigating possible OKTA integration with our product.

My org is a vendor in the Atlassian marketplace. Our product is an App for Jira and Confluence Cloud
This means that we have it on our own servers and it communicates with Atlassian through their API

We do not implement our own user management system, but we rely on Attlassian’s.
When a user is trying to visit on of our sites we redirect the user to the approriate atlassian’s login, they login and then they are redirected back to our product where our app is acting as Atlassian user account.

So when OKTA comes in play, things are getting a bit more complicated. So, every customer/user of ours have an atlassian domain, and it is that domain that they have OKTA setup and it is that donain we are redirecting them to login.

The problem is that the login flow once initiated fom our sites/product is not that fluent.:

  1. A user form our site click login
  2. The user is redirected to Atlassian and is asked to login
  3. The issue rises here that some user ave no idea tha Atlassian is behind this and they are buffled. Why should they login to Atlassian. (In fact they do not have to know this since that is the reason their admins set up OKTA with their Atlassian)

So the question is if there is a way we could integrate OKTA in our product to somehow get the info (is it a token? Is it something other inthe SAML method?) that the user that is about to login can use OKTA to login to atlassian. Which terms will help me find the solution in the documentation?

I hope taht made sesnse :smiley: thank you all for your time!

Hello kmell,

I would start by creating a free OKTA developer account.
After that click on 1, 2, 3 in the attached image

Once you are here

Search for Atlassian and you should see plenty of results, some with SAML, others of OIDC and more.
From there you would probably have to read up on the results to see what fits your needs and when you find one that fits your needs then you probably have the terms that you are searching for.


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