Making Google Drive API requests using Okta authentication

I’m looking for the best practice to make requests as a third-party app to Google Drive’s APIs that are authenticated with Okta.


  1. Google’s services are being authenticated using Okta (User go to >> redirect to Okta >> authentication >> Google Drive is available).
  2. We have a public app on Google - all works easily for non-Okta users.

What will be the best practice solution? Creating an Okta app? Exchanging access tokens in runtime? Something else?

Available on StackOverflow as well :point_left:

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Hi Yalovich, have you made any progress on this. I am working with my developers and in a similar situtation.

Yes. After investigating the main role of Okta in Google Workspace, I found that OAuth 2.0 works as same as it works if Google authenticates the user.

You should trigger a simple authentication with Google, which by the end of the process, you’ll receive an access token you can use.

Actually, Google uses SMAL to authenticate the user and then show a consent screen for additional scopes.

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