March 2024 - AuthSdkError: Unable to parse a token from the url

I am following example code and when I do i get this error. After some google-fu it appears most of these issues are caused by errors in configuration. I have followed the about using a SPA/React and i get this error.

When I check the log, it appears as though it is authorizing, but when I check the return payload there is no token in the URI.

Also given how many questions/no-answers there are about this topic, I was hoping I could get an offical answer; second point, a clone of your SPA/React doesn’t work, it give NPM install errors. What would code would be best to pushlish here to get help?

Which example code are you currently using? React SPA has a working version of the login flow; all you need to do is run the sample and setup the app on the Okta side.

If you are doing this from scratch, it might be harder to get it working; better try out completed samples first.

It is also a good idea to check response_mode from [parameter-details] (OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 API | Okta Developer) here to see if you have the right one configured.