MFA Reset via API

I am trying to create a Webbhook from Jira workflow to execute a MFA reset when the user ask for it. I am not sure of the following steps:

1- Reset Factor (DELETE / api / v1 / users / $ {userId} / factors / $ {factorId}),

2 - after Enroll Factor (POST / api / v1 / users / $ {userId} / factors)

3- and finally Activate Factor (POST / api / v1 / users / $ {userId} / factors / $ {factorId} / lifecycle / activate).

Is it right?
How do I find the factorId parameter?
But what’s the difference between doing delete and reset factor?

Thank you for your time

you can get the factor id by listing the enrolled factors for the user.

do you need to enroll them within the same workflow? it should be easier to redirect to the login page and let them enroll during the authentication process if they have no valid factors enrolled.
this way only the factor reset would be made within the workflow

Hi Fuzzard. Thanks for the reply. If I understand correctly, are you then confirming that to create an MFA reset from the workflow, I just need to create a reset factor? or do I need to create also the enroll factor?