Middleware webservice to call Okta API

I have this requirement that I need to create a middleware web service that will be called by different websites. This middleware will call endpoints for user creation, enrollment factor, etc.
The question is, if this is the set up, is the correct way is to use client credential oauth flow?

hey there! sounds like you will want to check out our docs on OAuth for Okta and in particular creating a service app.

Hi Tyty, thanks for the response. I would just like to ask some advise on what oauth 2.0 flow should I use? since it is middleware web service, should it be client credential flow or authorization code flow? Appreciate your response. Thank you.

Thanks for update and quick reply, looking for same question, Really appreciate for help men.

Typically you would use the client credential flow when creating a service app

Thanks for the reply. I thought the same way too. But we had a meeting as well with Okta team last 2 weeks ago, since we have enterprise license. The advise is good enough to use api tokens.
We already proceeded using the api tokens approach. Thank you.

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