Migrating User Between Password Policies

We have two groups in use:

  1. The Everyone group with the Default password policy attached
  2. A separate Okta Group, “Strict”, with a stricter password policy (ex: 10 char length, instead of 8)

Some users will be migrating from Group 1 (Everyone) to Group 2 (Strict). We’d like our users to reset/update their password upon joining Group 2. Currently we’re not seeing a prompt from Okta to update the user’s password to comply with the stricter password policy. Is there a clean way to do this?

For anyone else looking for how user’s experiences are when a password policy is changed, I was able to find on Okta’s website a small blurb about it

Changing password complexity will not affect the current passwords until the password expiration date arrives or user decides to change it. Newly created passwords will have to follow the updated policy requirement.

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