Mobile Number as customer Identity

We are thinking of using OKTA for our B2C customers One of our use case is to allow users to create account using mobile number and sign-in using mobile number and OTP. When I explored with my OKTA developer account, I couldn’t set mobile number for user identity. Does OKTA supports the mobile number identity ?

Do you have a constraint on login attribute to be in the format of email address? If so, just relax this restriction and you should be able to create users with only numbers in login attribute

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It is not only the format of the login attribute. We want to use proper mobile number for login and we want to send OTP to the mobiles and use the OTP instead of password to login.

I suggest you to try and open a preview tenant to experiment with your flow. What you are describing looks like OIE use case (though all new tenants should be registered as OIE anyway)

I checked this link -, it says email with magic link, but not an email with the OTP or use mobile number to send OTP as SMS.

I don’t think for the registration you can do that, unless you customize onboarding experience with your own onboarding page/solution

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In Okta traditional version there’s a an early access feature called Factor Sequencing which can be enabled via Support to create a custom sign-in policy allowing primary authentication with SMS OTP rather than a password. Factor sequencing isn’t progressing to GA as OIE will be doing something similar but better. FS is also not super well supported in my experience due to investment focussing strategically on OIE.

At registration time (you’d have to build your own registration app as @phi1ipp mentioned) you can set the username (prefix) to a mobile number (also as @phi1ipp mentioned) and you’d also have to enrol the user in an SMS OTP factor. If a customer ever wanted to change their username / mobile phone you’d need to build an experience to do that (and keep them in sync).