Modern Token Authentication in Node with Express

Modern Token Authentication in Node with Express

Come learn all about what token authentication is and how to use it in your Node + Express apps.


verifyAccessToken takes two arguments ( I’m guessing this is a change since the article was written) so you need to call it as oktaJwtVerifier.verifyAccessToken(req.token, "api://default") to get this example to work

Matt Raible

If you use the 0.0.14 version (like this tutorial does), you shouldn’t have this problem.

suvrajit nayak

Hi ,

I am getting Error while resolving signing key for error while verify the okta token using oktaJwtVerifier

David Paine

I have a question, What kind of encoding technique you used for base64 encoding?

Matt Raible

I upgraded this tutorial to use the latest Okta JWT Verifier. See this post’s changelog for specifics.

NG Speedster

How to handle Bearer token out of the app, suppose I copy the Bearer token, and log out of the main app, then I’ll use token to call the private API?