Multi-Tenant OIDC in .net

I have a Web SaaS platform developed in .net framework and I need to implement the multi-tenant login to submit my integration to OIN Network, is there any example solution? I’m not finding any code material to help me do that.

I successfully implemented the one tenant login however now I’m stuck on what to do after that.

I am on the same boat. There are so many options presented for integrations but nothing for multi-tenant, what path did you go? Is your app a single page app?

Okta recommended the authorization code flow, however I’m not understanding how to implement it.

My application isn’t SPA

I implemented this auth flow

Basically you’ll use the issuer that’s sent when someone click on your app to get the clientId and secret from your database, redirect them to that /authorize URL to get the code, with this code you send a post request to /token endpoint, this endpoint return some information one of them is the JWT id_token with the scope you asked for.

It’s like a 20 lines of code, and I’m surprised that OKTA doesn’t have an example on github…

Ok. I see the authorize returns the access token, but how did you authorize individual users using that though and once they are authorized how did you get access token for them? or are you using the same access token for all users?