Multiple app client credentials for given account

We are planning to use Okta for our solution and there are few questions if someone could help.

  • Is it possible to issue multiple app client credentials for given account so that at given time they are all active allowing user to switch credentials on server without downtime? If yes how to do via api?

  • is there any GET api which I could use to get client credentials so that the user can view there credentials via some logged in experience? If yes is there any mechanism to show it to the end user in secure manner?


Hi @Sanjay

Yes, you can use multiple OIDC applications at any given time. Once a switch takes place, you will need to do a new request to Okta to get the access token. The steps to request the access token can be found here.

Unfortunately we don’t have a public API to retrieve the client credentials. The best solution would be to have them stored securely on the backend of your application.