Name claim in id Token

How do I pass the name claim through id token. It’s not allowing me to add the claim as it says this claim already exists. I am using OpenID.

How do I pass the name claim in Id Token, I am able to pass custom claim though.

The name claim is already included in the id token by default.

I don’t see those, below is what I am getting
sub": xxxxxx
“ver”: 1,
“iss”: “xxxxx”,
“aud”: “xxx”
“iat”: 1539899345,
“exp”: 1539902945,
“jti”: “xxxxxx”,
“amr”: [
“idp”: “xxxxxxx”,
“nonce”: “nonce”,
“auth_time”: 1000,
“at_hash”: “preview_at_hash”,
“unique_name”: “xxxxx”,
“fullname”: “xxxxxx”

Last 2 are my custom claims

I also tried in the token preview and the results are same

Can you put some insight into it ? I am kind of struggling with the claims now


You can request the profile scope to populate the id_token with the end-user’s information. This scope will include the following claims:

  • name
  • family_name
  • given_name

See scope values for a list of all default profile claims.

Hope this helps!

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