Native Mobile App + Okta Session Lifetime

I’m developing a Native Mobile Application with OIDC. How do I get around the session cookie timeout issue? What is the recommended way to keep my Native mobile app authenticated AND keep my okta session alive in SFSafariViewController / Chrome Tabs. I don’t want to prompt the user to login to my mobile app every 12 hours.

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How are you doing authentication for your app? Are you using Authorization Code with PKCE?

Your access and refresh tokens can be used to control access to your APIs and resources outside of the session that Okta creates. You can increase the session timeout for the Okta Session, but this might not be necessary. The access and refresh tokens can have their expirations increase as well.

Access Token / Refresh Token Timeouts are controlled by authorization server policy rules:

Hope this helps, if you need more information, I need more information about what you are building and the attachment to the Okta Session that you are building.