Native SSO flow Implementation

Hey guys, I’m trying to implement Native SSO(native app to native app SSO flow). My first app is a mobile app & 2nd app is a web app(both native apps by Okta configuration). I know the complete API flow but I need to implement it. So, I’ve created basic mobile app & following Android SDK docs, but I’m not able to even sign in. I have followed the SDK docs but not able to implement it. The code provided in github repo is quite confusing TBH, it includes so many extra things. Can anyone just tell me methods that I need to use to implement this whole flow, step by step? Thanks in advance!

You can run the sample application ‘app’ from GitHub - okta/okta-mobile-kotlin: Okta's Android Authentication SDK

  • Once started choose the login with browser sample
  • this will ask if you want to include the device_sso scope. Make sure that is selected.
  • After logging in you can then invoke the device flow at the bottom with the ‘Go to token exchange flow’ button.
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