NEED HELP: URL File Download Through Okta SAML 2.0 Request


This is my first time here. I work for a company that uses Okta as the new AD and various sites I use are protected by Okta sign-in (I believe SAML 2.0, since I am able to see the SAML trace with SAML-Tracer). I am developing a reporting tool that download files from URL without user interfacing with browser. In the past I was able to have a browser prompt the user to sing-in to Okta for the 1st file and the auto download the rest of them but I believe there must be a way to send the URL request with a header or token to by pass the SAML request and download the file.

Today if I try a direct download of the file, I get an file that shows the HTML response of the request with what looks like a form or something and mentions as the INPUT TYPE = HIDDEN and the NAME = SAMLRequest.

If possible, I need some help buidling my URL request to download the file directly without issues from Okta. Any help or examples are welcome, thanks!

PS I am not an experience programmer. Background in Mech Engineering and trying to learn some programming. Using C# to develop the tool.

Thanks for the support!

@lmatos Can you please open a support ticket through an email to with this issue? One of our Technical Support Engineers will take the case and assist you in narrowing down the cause of the issue.

Done, thanks for the guidance!

@lmatos Np. Then I’ll close this one.