Need to Update in OKTA a User's Password using a new Hash (SHA-512) Password

Hi everyone,

I need to update a user’s password in OKTA with a new one that is in Hash (SHA-512) format.
I am using this class in my MVC core code ChangePasswordAsync
But getting error below:
Api validation failed: hash (400, E0000001): hash: An imported password cannot be specified for this operation
Doing some investigation, ;it’s supposed that the status of the user should be in “STAGED”

  1. How to change the status of the user to “STAGED” through my .net code?
  2. Is there another solution for the error above?

Really appreciated any reply, thanks

Setting a hashed password as a user’s credentials was only designed to work for newly migrated users and was thus only designed to work if the user had not yet been activated and is either being created or is being updated while still in the STAGED status. As soon as a user has been activated, they can no longer be set to STAGED.

If you have a use case that requires you to set their passwords after they have already been activated, this will require a feature request on our side to support this flow. You can submit a feature request on our Okta Ideas portal.

Thank you Andrea for your quicl reply

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