.Net WebBrowser control & IWA & "promt=login"


We have implemented OAuth flow in .Net WebBrowser control. That works fine with normal e.g. authorization code flow and we are able to log user in. However we have issue when IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication) is in use and we would like in certain situation force prompting the login dialog for user.

When IWA is in use, I have understood that if the used browser does not have active SSO session/cookie available Okta redirects user to login page that does not honor the “prompt=login” parameter. So in order to make that prompt to work user would need to have active session.

Any ideas how to accomplish this with Okta. Is there some specific cookies that would need to be set during the initial login so that next login would be redirected to endpoint that honors the “prompt=login”?

I have made sure that the WebBrowser runs in same Windows integrity level that IE and it is able to access the cookies but that doesn’t seem to be enough.


Is it the cookie named “sid”? If I make sure that is present would it work?