Newbie okta-sdk-java question

I have not touched java in over ten years. I’ve decided to start a project to create a java app to manage my Okta users.

I’ve gotten the okta-sdk-java and when I’m trying to install it “mvn install”, I’m getting an error when it get to the integration testing phase saying “Your Okta URK is missing”. I’m sure this is a stupid thing that I’m overlooking, but I can’t seem to figure out how to resolve this issue. Where is it looking for the URL?

I’ve searched for properties files and added the url to the that I found in ./impl/src/main/resources/com/okta/sdk/config/

What am I missing?

Thanks for helping

Welcome back to the Java world! :hotsprings:

A couple of things:
1.) You probably don’t need/want to build the okta-sdk-java project from source (the GitHub project).
Instead, you would just include the dependencies in your project:

This is similar to how NPM, Ruby, Python, etc manage dependencies, with the notable exception of you typically edit your project’s pom.xml file directly (or for Gradle a build.gradle file).

2.) You WILL still need an Okta URL though: It sounds like you already have an Okta account, so you will use that info, the Okta Java SDK can be configured a few different ways:

You will need your Okta Domain
And an API token

If you are fan of the command line you can use our new Okta CLI, which will walk you through configuring your system for using the SDK. After installing it you can run okta login.

Keep us posted!

Thank you for your help. I had missed the okta.yaml file. Once I added it, I was able to get past the integration phase of the “mvn install” of the SDK.