Next Auth/Okta how to get social logins on login form


I am using next-auth for authentication using Okta. We originally had been using this in a React App, with the Okta widget, we are now switching to Next JS. I have it working with next-auth but now have noticed that all of the social logins are missing from the login form. How do I add this back to login form. I understand that we can use other providers with Next-Auth but we would like the users added into our okta group.

I’ve tried adding in parameters into the provider in the […nextauth].js file, much like you would have in the config settings on React, but those did not work. I have also tried to look for some settings in the admin area, but could not find anything there.

The identify providers are there and set up properly. Just not sure how to get those options to appear on the login page.

Thank you,

Hi @alexsharke! Please double check that this is possible with Next JS - Discussions · nextauthjs/next-auth · GitHub.

Hello @sigama so I’m wondering about this form right here themrggroup-org-6254759 - Sign In

I don’t think that next-auth has anything to do with this form. Is there any way I can turn on social logins for the form I have just posted?