No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'

I am developing a SPA (Single Page Application). I am trying to make some Axios calls for acquiring some properties(such as “lastLogin”, “FirstName”, “LastName”, etc) of the user that has logged in into my app. I did the following steps:

Although, if I make the call through my Browser or Postman works fine. It returns a JSON object. But not within my apply. According to the Okta’s documentation it is CORS enabled.
Hopefully you can help me with that.

I’d really appreciate your help,


Hi @quinterocar

Can you please send us an email to in order for one of our Developer Support Engineers to further review the configuration?

Hi @dragos,

I actually sent an email a couple days ago. I am still waiting for a response. I just thought maybe it was a good idea also to post my issue here on the forum, so that way other developers could help, or be aware of this issue.

Thanks for the response,