No Groups Returned from /userinfo

I’m attempting to get a user’s groups from an authorization code flow, but it is not being returned from the /userinfo endpoint after the access token is returned. Any ideas?

Environment overview:

  • Okta developer trial account
  • Authorization client grant types: [authorization code, refresh token]
  • OpenID Connect Token > Groups claim type: “Filter”
  • OpenID Connect Token > Groups claims filter: groups Starts with .*


  1. Initiate login:
  1. User authenticates and code is sent to redirect URI
  2. Code is exchanged for user access token.
  3. Request is sent to user info with issued access token:
  1. Response does not contain groups:
    "sub": "00",
    "email": "",
    "email_verified": true

I am aware that the auth code flow returns a thin token with no groups claims, but the request to the userinfo endpoint should return the group claims as specified in the docs.

I needed to set the Groups claim filter to matches regex rather than starts with for the regex expression to work.

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