No redirection when i used custom default Okta Authorization server

How i can use custom default authorization server to get the token for oidc application?
The first step of my auth code flow is to get redirect url with /authorize end point using below url, however it doesn’t redirect and i am not anle to proceed to make other api call of auth code flow. If i use the org authorization server then its redirecting. Why the below url is not redirecting?


Can you verify if you have the API Access Management license which gives access to custom authorization servers. If you do you should be able to pull up the below URL in a browser,

If you have it the above URL should return something similar to what you see with the Org authorization server,

HI Erik,
Yes, i am able to see the all the metadata details like issuer, authorization end point and other details.

If i just execute authn(establish session), authorize(to get the code) and token endpoint to get the token, then i am able to get the token using the custom default authorization server.

But if i execute the /authorize end point first to get the redirect URL and then try to execute above 3 API, i am not able to proceed since 1st API fail so can’t proceed with rest 3 API’s.