Not seeing all user profile fields

I am using the JS sign in widget and when trying to pull user profile information back I am not seeing all fields that are populated

oktaSignIn.authClient.token.getUserInfo().then(function(user) {
          console.log("keys:" +Object.keys(user));

Keys: (10) [“sub”, “name”, “locale”, “email”, “preferred_username”, “given_name”, “family_name”, “zoneinfo”, “updated_at”, “email_verified”]

So I have fields like title, phone number, mobile number that are populated and I believe are mapped but not seeing the values.

Are you only requesting the openid and profile scope?

You need to request the ‘email’ scope to get the ‘email’ and ‘email_verified’ and you need to request ‘phone’ scope to get the ‘phone_number’ claim. See docs about the scope-dependent claims here.

Yes I am using all those scopes:
scopes: [‘openid’, ‘email’,‘profile’, ‘phone’],

Which is why I am confused Im not seeing more values

If you manually send the access token you have been issued to the /userinfo endpoint, do you see the complete information for the user in the response?