Not sure if I have an okta problem or my own mistake

Hello having a unauthorized issue when logging into my app any help would be greatly appreciated.

What kind of application is it (OIDC? SAML?) and what kind of error are you seeing?

It’s OIDC I believe. It’s a react app that I thought I had working but I keep getting a 401 unauthorized for some reason.

When I check the console in the browser it shows an xhr error but I can’t seem to find anything specific.

Add the URL to your Okta org in API > Trusted Origins. For example, http://localhost:3000

I did that but still getting the same error unfortunately. It seems like I have 3 tokens in local storage let me send you a picture.

This is basically I need left to finally finish this app so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does this look like your issue at all?

No unfortunately im getting a 401 even though it allows me to login. This is the error I see in the login.

@stuck is the /jobs route one that requires the user being authorized in order to access it? How are you protecting this route/how is it checking to see if the user is allowed to access it and are you using okta-react to do so?