Notification email

I setup okta application for signin/signup.
Everything works as expected.

In developer account I have
New sign on notification email

However, after signup I still getting email from okta, asking to confirm my email.
Is it known issue?

Also, some design question.
Registration is common for developer account.
So, every application use the same approach for registration(same fields,same notification and so on)
Why this information is not specific for application? Or is there is a way to setup different configuration for different application?


You mixed here “activation” email and “new sign on” email, which are different things.

Not sure I understood your second question. Do you care to elaborate?


I did not get concept “activation” and “new sign on”.
In “Self-registration” under “Directory” option I see:
Self-service registration

Then , in post-registration on the same page:
Activation requirements

“User must verify email address to be activated” - unchecked.
I do not expect any email to user if he signed up.

Let’s postpone discussion on second question- looks like I did not get something…

Why user get email regardless “User must verify…” checkbox is unchecked.
What should I do to avoid those emails?


Hi Dmitriy,

If you have the checkbox unchecked, then it’s an issue, I believe. You can open a ticket with Okta Support to troubleshoot.