OAuth for users outside my org

Hi, I’m trying to implement an OAuth flow where I any Okta admin outside my org, can give consent to me to retrieve some data from his organisation, like users list.

From my understanding for now each Org has it’s own Auth server, and I can only authenticate organisational users against it, so I don’t understand whether I can authenticate external users in some way and whether it is possible with Okta at all.

this is probably a duplicate of OAuth for Okta - Users outside my org but the original question didn’t get any response.

At this time, the answer is no. See my response in the other thread:

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Seconding what @andrea said. As you want to get resources from their Okta organisation, security is controlled on their side. You would need an app / credentials in each of their Okta orgs as well as consent issued by each of their Okta orgs to get their Okta data.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
creating an app on their org is exactly what I did for now

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