Oauth2 authentication by OKTA for desktop application (e.g. powerbuilder)


Right now we’re using OKTA as IAM platform, we would like to explore how to use oauth2 protocol to authenticate the user on windows desktop application (e.g. client server app on desktop). Especially, how do we setup the callback URL for a desktop application. I see the reference here (Configure SSO for Native apps | Okta Developer), but it doesn’t mention how does the authz code returning back to the desktop application (it’s required to setup a http listener?), thanks.


Use something like this winsock library Topwiz Software - Winsock and then open a popup window that listens for TCP on a port. Give the local machine name and port to in the service request for the callback URL.

Thanks for your help. That link https://www.topwizprogramming.com/freecode_winsock.html worked for me!