OIDC 400 error on authentication

I am trying to authenticate into a new SPA. I have added the URL as a trusted origin and as a redirect URL in the application. Upon authentication though, I get a generic 400 error:

I have confirmed that the client id is correct and have checked the event stream and do see a [OAuth2 authorization implicit access token request] “success” event for the authentication. Note, this is not an error with an incorrect redirect URI that I have also seen in the past. Any suggestions for where to troubleshoot?

Hi @lawrence

Based on the http logs for the Okta org that you’ve added inside the profile, can you please check that the client_id passed is in the format of client_id=0oaxxxxxxxx&... and not client_id="0oaxxxxxx"&...?

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Hi @dragos,

You are correct! I was not properly processing the client id string from the AWS parameter store before using it. Removing the double quotes fixed it. Thanks!


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