OIDC Embedded Sign In Widget - third party cookies blocked ! Alternate Way?

Hi Team,

I have implemented OIDC Idx Embedded Sign in widget. My browsers has third party cookies blocked.
As of now, at the time of redirect I am getting state and interaction code however, because Idx cookies is not getting stored in the browser, my session is not keeping it stored in local storage.

Here is sample code which I am using as of now. Please suggest how I can support cookies even when the 3rd party cookies are blocked.


HI @Saurabh126

You can use a custom domain for your Okta tenant. By using a custom domain, you can avoid third-party cookie restrictions because your Okta tenant domain will be the same as your application domain. You can configure a custom domain in Okta by following the steps mentioned in the Okta documentation.

Hope that helps!

@dawoudt thank for your help.
I guess my org won’t support a new domain creation for this specific situation. Is there any other way we can handle this situation (ASP.NET MVC/C#) ?

Please suggest as it’s a big blocker for my application?