OIDC Mapping from Okta to Cognito


I’m working on my first enterprise level Authentication workflow and I have some quick questions to narrow down an issue. I’m using Okta as an OIDC provider in an AWS cognito user pool, and I can’t seem to get any of my scoped info back from Okta. I’m including &scope=email%openid, and my OIDC mapping in Cognito is:
email -> Email and sub -> Username
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 11.37.43 AM

Buuuut my users are created with random usernames and no email:

My thinking is that our dev Okta account isn’t configured correctly (The devops director is the only one with admin access so its hard for me to troubleshoot here). I’d like to narrow down what could be causing this, frankly I don’t understand the whole workflow perfectly so it could well be something on my end.

Thanks a ton and I’m happy to provide any extra info!