OIN app for sandbox environments?

We onboard all our customer accounts onto a sandbox environment before production.
The expectation is that all the SSO and provisioning features are supported for both environments.
Our sandbox uses the same static hostname for all customers.

As I prepare to start the OIN submission process, I’m wondering if we need to have a separate app in the catalog or if there is some level of configurability that would allow us to only have a single app.
If it does need to be two different apps, would we need to submit a second application? Or could one submission result in the approval and creation of two apps in the OIN?

For OIN submission, I believe you would want to sign up for an Okta dev org at Okta Integration Network | Okta Developer to ensure that the proper features/add-ons are enabled.

You can create separate apps (one for SSO and one for provisioning) and provide the information requested in the submission form at https://oinmanager.okta.com. The OIN submission team will then review the form and generate a single app.