OIN Submission test failing

I have an external application set up as an Service Provider a SAML integration and am also using Okta as the IdP, we have this setup for a few custom applications and wanted to get it integrated on the OIN for our customers.

When testing and using the IdP initiated flow (our primary intended flow for our users), the incognito browser opens and directs us to log in to Okta, which we do, and clicks on the Chiclet, which redirects to our SAML flow and logs in successfully, but then the test hangs forever on the “Confirm user” step with no feedback

How is it attempting to confirm the user so that I can properly finish the test and complete submission?

It seems you’re encountering an issue with the “Confirm user” step during the IdP-initiated SAML flow. Follow below steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Use SAML debugging tools
  • Install SAML-tracer or SAML DevTools
  • Inspect SAML requests and responses
  1. Check SAML Response
  • Capture the response from Okta
  • Look for errors or unexpected values
  1. Verify user attributes
  • Ensure all required info is passed from Okta to your app
  1. Confirm endpoint settings
  • Make sure ACS URL in Okta matches your app’s endpoint

Docs on how to use SAML tracer - > Test SAML app implementation with SAML-tracer | Okta Developer

Hope this helps!

I’ve had trouble reproducing the “Confirm User” step and now I’m stuck again at the first step, the “Run app chiclet” step. Logging hasn’t been much help, and the test flow does properly click the right chiclet (the only one) and proceed to my application, but then before rendering my page, crashes and closes the browser, eliminating any potential debugging capability.

There are some cancellations in the network traffic, could that be a cause?

Also the SAML Tracer is a neat application, but this doesn’t seem to be a SAML problem since I have confirmed the flows to work fine, both IdP and SP initiated, via my own incognito testing. I can share these logs if that would help.

Hi @andrea , would the Okta team happen to have any guidance on how to resolve this failing test? We’ve regrettably had no luck so far.