Okta able to show multiple accounts for a system?

We have a system where we want to implement SSO. But some users can have multiple accounts there for business reasons.

  • Can Okta do this with Inline Hooks?
  • If so, would that be a User Import Hook?
  • if so, what would the system with the webservice need to return to show there are multiple accounts so Okta can choose which one?


When your user does SSO, they log into okta with whatever account they want to use at that time. It’s simple.

Maybe I just do not understand your question?

The system they are logging into has multiple accounts associated with the same Federation ID. We need to be able to select the specific one so that they have the Profile associated with that selected Account.

I’m sorry, still not sure I understand you. Are you saying that you application has several different accounts for the same Okta user?

Yes, exactly. Multiple accounts with different profiles for the application.

I think, it’s a responsibility of your application. Okta will send you the information about the logged in user, and then your application upon receiving this info can show all the users in your local DB and let your user to choose which one to use