Okta and OSGi / Fuse 7.2

I’m trying to get Okta running in Fuse 7.2. I’ve got my Okta dependencies installed as bundles in my features.xml file like this:





But I go to start my Okta bundle, I get this error:

Caused by: com.okta.commons.lang.UnknownClassException: Unable to load class named [com.okta.sdk.impl.client.DefaultClientBuilder] from the thread context, current, or system/application ClassLoaders.  All heuristics have been exh
austed.  Class could not be found.  Have you remembered to include the okta-sdk-impl .jar in your runtime classpath?

Any help is appreciated.

Currently in the same boat with Okta SDKs and OSGi, I’d greatly appreciate if you can share your solution if you find one. Thank you.

Okta does not currently have an implementation for OSGi, but I do have a ticket open with them. My current approach involves unpacking Okta jars and putting source into my project, but that is introducing other issues. I’ll keep this topic posted as I work through this.

I am using their Swagger implementation to write an API bundle. It’s a bit long to explain, but you can access their Swagger API here:

I’ve got the Okta APIs working in Fuse 7.2. Here is my solution.