Okta-angular Identity Provider parameter

I was using library “okta-angluar” v3.1.0 that depends on library “okta-auth-js” v4.8.0. Specifically calling the method “OktaAuthService.signInWithRedirect” passing an object of type “SigninWithRedirectOptions” which have a property “idp” accepting the Okta Identity Provider Identifier, so Okta redirects to that IdP at the time to authenticate

OktaAuthService.signInWithRedirect({ idp: “1234567890” });

After update “okta-angluar” to latest version 3.2.2, now it depends on “okta-auth-js” v5.2.3 where “SigninWithRedirectOptions” changed dramatically and don’t have the idp parameter anymore. My question is, how to pass the Identity Provider Identifier to start the signing process using an external configured IdP?

I don’t see anything in the source for AuthJS that would indicate support for this has been removed, so I’m curious what you’re seeing happen instead. So if you try to pass in an idp into the options for this method, are you not seeing the correct behavior/authorize URL, with user getting redirected to that idp?

Yes, it is very frustrating for me too don’t see any documentation about this, not even in the migration guides from version 4.x to version 5.x. In “okta-auth-js” v4.8.0, interface “SigninWithRedirectOptions” inheritance from interface “TokenParams” which used to have the “idp” property; but in v5.2.3 interface “SigninWithRedirectOptions” don’t inheritance from “TokenParams” anymore, instead, it inheritance from interface “SigninOptions” that neither of its ancestors have the property “idp”.

I don’t see anything because the application don’t even compile. TypeScript error:

Argument of type ‘{ idp: string; }’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘SigninWithRedirectOptions’.
Object literal may only specify known properties, and ‘idp’ does not exist in type ‘SigninWithRedirectOptions’.ts(2345)

What I expect is to be redirected to that IdP as I was using the previous version.

Can you file an issue on Github for this so our SDK engineers can take a look?

I was hoping it wasn’t a problem, I always prefer to think that I’m missing something or doing something wrong instead un-trust in the library.