Okta & Angular - persist session cookie after browser close?

Hi! I’m using latest Okta libraries with Angular and the sign-in widget. I have an issue, where although the session is set to expire every 30 days the session cookie received by Okta in the browser is with lifetime Session, so on browser close I’m again asked to enter my credentials, because the token can’t be renewed due to the session cookie being deleted, although the session should be still active in Okta. How can I resolve this? Thanks!

Update: Found that and tried it: Share a sign-in session with native mobile apps | Okta Developer

Managed to modify my session policy to use persistent cookie, however cookies’ expirations are still Session

You made sure that you updated the policy that applies to the user you are testing with? And you haven’t tried to update the policy in the UI after enabling usePersistentCookie (this can revert the change made via API)?

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Thanks Andrea, yes. Looks like the issue comes from the fact, that I was testing only with users, which are administrators in Okta, which can’t have a persistent cookie… Very sad.